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Perth Radiation Oncology – Scripting on the Pinnnacle3 TPS [PDF document]

  • This is an excellent starting guide. Many of the pages on this wiki are based off this document.

In Pinnacle

Class Browser

  • Create a Script with the line
      • In versions prior to P16
        • WindowList.ClassBrowser.Create=””;
      • In versions after 16
        • XtWindowList.ClassBrowser.Create=””;
  • This must be done in the most recent version of Pinnacle on your system (otherwise, it will crash the open patient).
  • A popup window will appear – click “Update Class Information”.
  • This will populate the window with a list of different Pinnacle objects, terms, lists and modules.
  • Highlight the module of interest and click “Messages”.
  • This will open a window with commands

View Pinnacle Config Files

  • Many Pinnacle functions are stored in this directory. Some of these may serve as valuable examples.
  • /usr/local/adacnew/PinnacleStatic/Config/
  • /usr/local/adacnew/LPStatic/Config/
  • Pinnacle GUI files are located here (.cfg)

Run Pinnacle From the Command Line

  • Click on the icon that looks like a computer
  • In the terminal window that opens type StartPinnacle
  • This will display errors and allow the use of echo

Record and View a Script

  • Select Utilities-> Scripting -> Edit and then Add or Record.
  • By default the script is saved in /usr/local/adacnew/PinnacleSiteData/Scripts/

Planning Transcript

  • This shows most of the commands that are run by Pinnacle while a plan is open.
  • It can also be helpful for troubleshooting Pinnacle issues
  • In Launchpad: Planning -> Highlight the Patient -> Edit -> Revision History… -> Record the information in the “Directory” box (this is where the transcripts are saved)
  • Navigate to the location in the “Directory” box. Each plan has its own directory.
  • Within the plan directory there will be a file named “plan.SomeDateTime.Transcript”. Open this file to view the plan transcript.

Save List Data to File

  • The .Save command in a script will save associated list information to a specified file
  • Often this will provide the command needed to access desired Pinnacle information
    • Examples:
TrialList.Current.BeamList.Current.MonitorUnitInfo.Save = "/home/p3rtp/MUinfo.txt"; //shows handcalc information
TrialList.Current.BeamList.Current.Save = "/home/p3rtp/BeamListInfo.txt"; //shows beam information