Pinnacle : Administration Table of Contents Close an open patient Pre-v16 Open an xterm window Type RemoveStaleLock -l Find the Launchpad PID# listed by the patient’s name that is to be closed Type ptree LaunchpadPID# (e.g. ptree 28843) Find the line that shows something like 11705 /usr/local/adacnew/PinnacleStatic_9.0/bin/i386/Pinnacle -fg black -bg PinnacleStatic_9.0 should be the version

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Pinnacle : Scripting Table of Contents Basics Run Pinnacle from the Command Line This will allow the user to see script output (e.g. “echo”) and errors generated while scripting. Open an Xterm window In the window type StartPinnacle Store Variables String The string variable can hold any string of text. Example: Store.StringAt.SampleString = “Hello world!”;

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Pinnacle : About Description Pinnacle, owned by Koninklijke Philips N.V (Philips), is one of the three most commonly used treatment planning systems in radiation oncology clinics. At one time they were widely considered the best, most accurate and efficient TPS, however, in recent years use of the Pinnacle has declined considerably.   History Geometrics Corp.

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