Remove Illegal Characters

Pinnacle : Remove Illegal Characters   It’s necessary to call a script that generates a text file that contains a Pinnacle scripting command which defines the cleaned variable. For example, if given the string A%^$ 39839 the script will create another script document named Clean.Script containing the command: Store.StringAt.DummyVariable = A_39839; That code will then […]

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Pinnacle Scripting – Setup Window

Pinnacle : Windows Description It is possible to  open different Pinnacle windows within a script.  Setup Window Open Setup Window WindowList .CTSim .PanelList .#”#0″ .GotoPanel = “FunctionLayoutIcon0″; ViewWindowList .#”*” .CineOnOff = “0”; Contour Window Open Contour Window WindowList .CTSim .PanelList .#”#2″ .GotoPanel = “FunctionLayoutIcon2″; ViewWindowList .#”*” .CineOnOff = “0”; Points Window Open Points Window WindowList

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Pinnacle Scripting – Inverse Planning Window

Pinnacle : Inverse Planning View Description It is possible to programmatically control many of the different aspects of inverse planning. Max number of optimization iterations PluginManager .InversePlanningManager .OptimizationManager .Current .TrialList .Current .MaxIterations = ” 60″; Add objective PluginManager .InversePlanningManager .AddObjective = “Add Objective”; Delete objective PluginManager .InversePlanningManager .DeleteCurrentObjective = “Delete Objective”; Sort Objectives PluginManager .InversePlanningManager

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Pinnacle Scripting – Special Characters

Pinnacle : Special Characters Description Pinnacle utilizes a multitude of special characters that don’t act like normal characters. **Need to add more characters to this page. # —  Identify list item by number Proper usage #”#1″ Be aware Pinnacle starts counting with 0. Example 1 PluginManager.PlanEvalPlugin.TrialList.#”#0″.Selected = 1; // Sets first trial as active in

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Pinnacle Scripting – String Variables

Pinnacle : String Variables Description As the name implies, string variables hold strings of text. Numerous actions and tests can be performed on these variables.   Declare a String Variable Store.StringAt.SomeStringName = “This is a string”; //Ex 1 Store.StringAt.AnotherStringName = TrialList.Current.BeamList.Current.PrevBeamType; //Ex 2 Store.StringAt.String3 = Store.StringAt.SomeStringName; //Ex 3 //Ex 4 – This also works, but

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