Eclipse : Planning Videos

Table of Contents

Eclipse Tutorial Videos

This tutorial series was created by the [Duke University Medical Physics Program].

Tutorial 1 – Eclipse Overview

Tutorial 2 – Getting Started

Tutorial 3 – Contouring in Eclipse

Tutorial 4 – Basic 3D Planning

Tutorial 5 – IMRT Planning

Tutorial 6 – Plan Evaluation

International Planning Competitions - Eclipse Winner Tips

Head And Neck – ProKnow Winners

LT Breast And Lymph Nodes – IMRT

LT Breast And Lymph Nodes – VMAT


This is an incredible series created by Drew Granatowicz of GMDose that details numerous planning techniques and sites. 

Dosimetry Guide Youtube Channel




Contouring Bone Marrow



Lung SBRT #2

Anal Cancer

Prostate Boost / Plan Sum

3D Pelvis

Brief Intro to eMC Planning

Create a Patient and Import Dataset


Rib, Hip and C Spine

Whole Brain / Intro to FiF

Extended SSD

Prostate Initial Plan

4-field Esophagus

RT Chest Wall

3 & 4 Field Rectum/Pelvis

Conformal Brain

Intro to Optimization

eComp Breast Planning

Intro to VMAT

VMAT – Extremity Intro

Beams, Points, and Normalization

Sequential Boosts

VMAT Lymphoma

VMAT Prostate & Lymph Nodes

FiF Breast

Breast – Irregular Surface Compensator

Whole Brain

Contouring Basics

Image Fusion Basics

Fusion – Point Match Intro

AP/PA Technique

3-Field Technique

4-Field Technique

3-Field Mercedes Technique

Various additional videos

IMRT Planning Basics for Eclipse TPS Users

RapidPlan Instructions

Rayos Contra Cancer