Eclipse : Script Library

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Scripts from the Varian Developers Forums

Research Symposium 2015

Automated planning demo

EUD script

Developer Workshop 2014

“Guru track projects”

Simple UI Demo App

RapidPlan Evaluation

MVVM Example

DICOM Anonymizer


Hands on Exercises

Ex 1 – SmartAdapt image registration

Ex 2 – Create a stand-alone ESAPI application

Ex 3 – Understand 3D ESAPI coordinates and dose

Ex 4 – Doesn’t seem to exist

Ex 5 – Getting started for Research Users, an auto-planning script

Ex 6 – More SmartAdapt features

Various Eclipse Scripting Examples

Data mining

DVH Lookups

Export 3D

Export Batch DVHs

Generate Web DVH

Get Dicom Collection

Plan Quality Metrics

Plugin Tester

RBE Report

Structure ID Frequency

UAB VMS Console

Additional GitHub Repositories




VMAT-TBI Simiele E ESAPI code used for VMAT TBI autoplanning
eFLASHBeamModeltoTPS Rahman M et al. Electron FLASH beam model
PlanCheck   A Varian Eclipse Scripting API plugin that checks DVH metrics, potential collisions, and plan/structure/dose parameters.
AutoRing_SRS   Generates UAB rings (inner, middle, outer) from a PTV.
DVHAsync   Compares DVH metrics between two plans or plansums.
PDFtoAria   An executable with UI that imports PDFs into Aria using Oncology Services and Eclipse Scripting APIs.
TMLtoAria   Opens a TML file from Eclipse and saves a PDF to Aria using Web Services
ESAPI _Extractor Schmidt M et al. Extract research level data from Eclipse using ESAPI, contains several features for data mining, extraction of plan quality metrics, entire DVHs, and custom plugins
WUSTL Clinical Development   Multiple WUSTL Clinical Development projects
Fabolus   Modifies STL files representing bolus for radiation therapy. Prepares them for 3D printing
Fabolus-v16   Modifies STL files representing bolus for radiation therapy. Prepares them for 3D printing. Now using MVVM.
DoseHunter   Stand alone script for VARIAN Eclipse (v15.x) to collect a large number of dose index (mean, D95%...) for a list of patients. Output is a csv file. A user guide describes the installation, example of use...
VarianESAPI-HalcyonGantryAngle   Varian ESAPI script and standalone app to determine Halcyon cardinal gantry angle error by manually analyzing a 2D image of the Cirs Iso Phantom
Autodrive   Autodrive is an open source, .NET framework component for automating medical physics beam measurements.
planCompare   ClinicalProtocol for Eclipse V15.6
removeEmptyStructure   remove empty structures Eclipse V15.6
convertIsodosesToStrcutures   converts isodoses to structures Eclipse V15.6
convertIsodosesToStrcutures_v161   converts isodoses to structures Eclipse V16.1
ScreenCapture   Screen Capture for Eclipse V15.6
ScreenCapturePreference   Screen Capture Preference for Eclipse V15.6
EclipseDataMiner   A stand-alone script for data mining that can be used on the VARIAN treatment planning device Eclipse V15.6
GAMMORA Leste J et al. GAMMORA : A full Varian TrueBeam STx Model for Gate/Geant4
GUI-ESAPI-Dosimetry   GUI for extract dosimetric parameters using ESAPI
BED_Calc   A BED/EQD2 Calculator created using ESAPI. Allows the user to specify contour name and reference dose to use, and can extract DVH metrics to computed BED/EQD2
IonChamberDose   A binary script (ESAPI 13.7) for calculating the field dose within a parallel plate ionisation chamber perpendicular to a proton beam.
VarianESAPi-Dosimetry   Varian ESAPI script for evaluating dose objectives.
ESAPI-Projects   Various projects / class libraries for use with the eclipse scripting api provided by Varian
DVH-Analytics   A DICOM Database Application for Radiation Oncology
VarianESAPI-ControlPointsPlot   Varian ESAPI script that plots doserate vs gantry angle for VMAT plans
doseStats   an open-source ESAPI script to increase planning efficiency and safety in HDR GYN brachytherapy
CreateVerificationPlan   Creates a verification plan for IMRT QA
Esapi_AddSetupBeams   Eclipse script that adds 4 kV setup beams and 1 CBCT setup field to current plan
Akki_Custom-Varian-Importer   Import Dicom files from many patients at once without even opening Eclipse.
ESAPI_Beam-Namer   BinaryPlugin_Simply change your Beam/Field IDs with the nomenclature of your choice.
Kira_DICOM-RT-Anonymizer-MG   Anonymize DICOM-RT files with ease. UIDs are also anonymized but without losing RT connections.
Python_DICOM-RT-MetricExtractor   Process DICOM-RT files with a simple GUI to get specified metrics and a nice DVH plot
ESAPI_MoveStructures   Copy&Move a structure with GUI-App_ESAPI-Script to generate Unions of Target structures with simple WPF-GUI
ESAPI_SimpleGUI_ContourUnions   GUI-App_ESAPI-Script to generate Unions of Target structures with simple WPF-GUI
ESAPI_DataMiner_PortalDosimetry   Standalone-Console-App_Mine all analysed PortalDosimetry Fields and make custom evaluations too
PlanScoreCards   ESAPI tool to create ScoreCards and score plans; in-metric Boolean/expansion; normalize dose to max score
DoseDynamicArcs (coming soon)   ESAPI tool to edit dose rate and gantry speed using various methods; enables non-coplanar conformal arc plans with dose dynamic delivery / spherical dose distribution