Eclipse : Script Library

Scripts from the Varian Developers Forums

Research Symposium 2015

Automated planning demo

EUD script

Developer Workshop 2014

“Guru track projects”

Simple UI Demo App

RapidPlan Evaluation

MVVM Example

DICOM Anonymizer


Hands on Exercises

Ex 1 – SmartAdapt image registration

Ex 2 – Create a stand-alone ESAPI application

Ex 3 – Understand 3D ESAPI coordinates and dose

Ex 4 – Doesn’t seem to exist

Ex 5 – Getting started for Research Users, an auto-planning script

Ex 6 – More SmartAdapt features

Various Eclipse Scripting Examples

Data mining

DVH Lookups

Export 3D

Export Batch DVHs

Generate Web DVH

Get Dicom Collection

Plan Quality Metrics

Plugin Tester

RBE Report

Structure ID Frequency

UAB VMS Console