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1. Varian Developer

Getting Started With Eclipse Scripting API (ESAPI) v11 (From


This assumesyou have access to at least Eclipse version 11 computer that has the Eclipse Scripting API installed and the Eclipse Script Wizard Installed.



1. Install Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.


Professional or better version is preferred, but the Express (free) version will work just fine as well.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 also works well, but be aware that all Varian documentation is geared towards the “officially supported” version; 2010.


If needed, install the “Visual C# 2010 Express” installation.

The links below are fragile. If they do not work for you, go to and search for “download Visual C# 2010 Express”.



2. Find and read the ESAPI Reference Guide

Go to for the newest version of the reference guide.

If the link above doesn’t work, sign into and search for “Scripting”.



3. Start Scripting!


Quickly flip to page 15 of the ESAPI reference guide:

“Chapter 4 Getting Started with the Eclipse Scripting API”. Continue on with Chapter 5 and the rest of the manual after you’ve run your first script.

Other Resources

1. ESAPI Guide: 5 Steps to start scripting, including Citrix users – A well-written, very thorough, step-by-step guide to get started in Varian Eclipse Scripting.