Eclipse :
Scripting Getting Started

Table of Contents

Absolute Beginner Initial Steps

Don’t know what ESAPI is? This video provides a quick overview of ESAPI.


0. Brush up on C# and .Net.  

C# is an extremely popular programming language, so there are tons of free online resources. A few possibilities:



1. Install Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2022 or 2019 version. Other paid versions will work as well. Varian will allow you to install Visual Studio on on a test box or non-clinical system, but do not install on a clinical production box/server.


2. After installing Visual Studio on a test or research box, watch this “Getting Started with Visual Studio and ESAPI in 2023” video from HelloEsapi. 

Further Steps

Other Resources

1. ESAPI Guide: 5 Steps to start scripting, including Citrix users – A well-written, very thorough, step-by-step guide to get started in Varian Eclipse Scripting.

2. Reddit ESAPI – A great place to post if you run into any issues.