Pinnacle : ExecuteNow


  • The “ExecuteNow” command is used to call another Pinnacle script.
  • Control is passed to the called script
  • Control is returned after the script completes
  • Variables created in the main script can be accessed by the called script
  • Similarly, variables created in the called script can be accessed by the main scripts
    • It is a good idea to free variables if they are not needed in the main script
  • This is command is different than the “Execute” which is utilized to run a command stored in a string.


Store.StringAt.PrintPlan = "/home/p3rtp/SomeLocation/PrintPlan.Script.p3rtp";
ExecuteNow = Store.StringAt.PrintPlan;
ExecuteNow = "/home/p3rtp/SomeLocation/PrintPlan.Script.p3rtp";