Pinnacle : Physics Scripting


Scripting can also be used within the Physics Module.

Leaf Offset Table

Open the leaf end table

WindowList .MLCRoundedLeafEndCalibration.Create="";

Select a specific cell in a column and row

WindowList .MLCRoundedLeafEndCalibration .WidgetList .Table .Table .CurrentRow=0; //0 = row number
WindowList .MLCRoundedLeafEndCalibration .WidgetList .Table .Table .CurrentColumn=0; //0= column number

Select the next cell

WindowList .MLCRoundedLeafEndCalibration .WidgetList .Table .Table .MakeNextCellCurrent="";

Select the previous cell

WindowList .MLCRoundedLeafEndCalibration .WidgetList .Table .Table .MakePreviousCellCurrent="";

Output the current row and column indexes

InfoMessage=WindowList .MLCRoundedLeafEndCalibration .WidgetList .Table .Table .CurrentRow;
InfoMessage=WindowList .MLCRoundedLeafEndCalibration .WidgetList .Table .Table .CurrentColumn;

Output the data in the current cell

InfoMessage=WindowList .MLCRoundedLeafEndCalibration .WidgetList .Table .Table .EntryBuffer;

Write data into the current cell

WindowList .MLCRoundedLeafEndCalibration .WidgetList .Table .Table .EntryBufferStartEdit="";
WindowList .MLCRoundedLeafEndCalibration .WidgetList .Table .Table .EntryBufferEdit="11"; //Write 11 to the table
WindowList .MLCRoundedLeafEndCalibration .WidgetList .Table .Table .EntryBufferEndEdit="";

Close the leaf end table

WindowList .MLCRoundedLeafEndCalibration.Destroy="";