Pinnacle : Pinnacleinit


The PinnacleInit file resides in the user’s home directory and contains scripts and specifications that are to be run every time Pinnacle is started (i.e. when a patient plan is opened).



Additional Information

  • PinnacleInit may be created if it does not exist.
  • The file name be edited using the user’s preferred text editor.
  • Do not attach an extension (.txt, .exe, .doc, etc) – the file name is simply LaunchpadInit.
  • PinnacleInit will run scripts even when the CT import window is opened. To get around this, it may be necessary to specify that the script only runs when a planning-related window is open.
  • LaunchpadInit is similar to PinnacleInit, but runs whenever Launchpad is opened.


//Only run if the Planning Window is in the list of open windows: 
IF.ViewWindowList.ContainsObject.CTSimOrthoTop".THEN.Script.ExecuteNow = ;
//Run these scripts
Script.ExecuteNow = "/usr/local/adacnew/PinnacleSiteData/Scripts/SomeScript.Script";

//Specify default export file directory
ExportFileList.Directory = "full path to where to place your files";

//Specify Hotscript Info
WindowList .HotScript .WidgetList .TopLevel .X = 1300;
WindowList .HotScript .WidgetList .TopLevel .Y = 0;
WindowList .HotScript .WidgetList .TopLevel .Height = 600;
WindowList .HotScript .WidgetList .TopLevel .Width = 280;
WindowList .HotScript .Unrealize = "";
WindowList .HotScript .Create = "ScriptButton";