Pinnacle : Special Characters


Pinnacle utilizes a multitude of special characters that don’t act like normal characters.

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# —  Identify list item by number

  • Proper usage #”#1″
  • Be aware Pinnacle starts counting with 0.

Example 1

PluginManager.PlanEvalPlugin.TrialList.#"#0".Selected = 1; // Sets first trial as active in DVH window

Example 2

TrialList.#"#2".BeamList.#"#1".Gantry //Refers to second beam in the third trial

* — Set all list items

  • This special character references all items in a list. It is often used to set all list items to the same value.

Example 1

TrialList.#"#2".BeamList.#"*".Gantry //Refers to all beams in the third trial

@ — Iterate through all list items

  • Step through each item in a list. This is the nearest feature to a loop available in Pinnacle without using an “outside” programming language.
  • See Object Loop Wiki Page

Example 1

TrialList.Current.PrescriptionList.ChildrenEachCurrent.#"@".Script.ExecuteNow = Store.StringAt.ScriptLocation