Pinnacle Scripting – Table Laser Shifts

Pinnacle : Table/Laser Shifts Description It is possible to access shift information from the scan/setup origin location to the isocenter.  Patient shift-related information Full Descriptions Ex. “Move the table RIGHT 7.59cm (looking from foot of table.) TrialList.Current.BeamList.Current.LaserDescr.X; TrialList.Current.BeamList.Current.LaserDescr.Y; TrialList.Current.BeamList.Current.LaserDescr.Z; Shift Value only Ex. “7.59” //X, Y, Z coordinate shifts TrialList.Current.BeamList.Current.IsoInLocalizerCoords.XCoord; TrialList.Current.BeamList.Current.IsoInLocalizerCoords.YCoord; TrialList.Current.BeamList.Current.IsoInLocalizerCoords.ZCoord; Direction Value Ex. …

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Pinnacle Scripting – spawncommand & spawncommandnowait

Pinnacle : SpawnCommandSpawnCommandNoWait Description Allows the operating system to take control Used to call external scripts (e.g. a bash, Python or Perl script) Used to execute command line operations SpawnCommand Pinnacle transfers control to the operating system and waits until the action is complete. Examples Generic call  SpawnCommand = “String”; Execute a command line action …

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Pinnacle Scripting – Run Scripts Commands

Pinnacle : Run Scripts Commands Description There are four methods to execute scripts (and Pinnacle string commands). Two methods allow the use of outside scripting languages (bash, python, perl, etc) and two methods utilize Pinnacle’s internal scripting language. Execute will run a command stored in a string, ExecuteNow runs a separate Pinnacle script file, SpawnCommand …

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Pinnacle Scripting – Scorecard Data

Pinnacle : Scorecards Description >Pinnacle3 includes “scorecards” that allow users to quickly see if primary or secondary dose constraints have been met. Parameters 1. ROI Name Scorecard.DoseVolClinicalGoalList.Current.ExpectedRoi.Name 1a. ROI Name box color I believe this number is “5890551” if the Scorecard ROI is not connected to a plan ROI (i.e. the yellow box). Otherwise no …

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Pinnacle Scripting – Widgets

Pinnacle : Widgets (Menus) Description Widgets are parts of user-generated menus. All menus are comprised of a full canvas that’s divided down into individual parts (widget classes). These widgets have different appearances and perform different actions.   Uses Colors QueryColorKey = “blue”; // Sets color of buttons Classes ArrowRight ArrowLeft ArrowUp ArrowDown Canvas CascadeButton ComboBox …

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Pinnacle Scripting – Messages

Pinnacle : WarningMessage InfoMessage Description Pinnacle can display three different types of pop-up messages. InfoMessages and WarningMessages behave similarly, but appear slightly different. Special Characters @ (New line) @ @ (Skip a line) InfoMessage InfoMessage = “The task has been completed.”; InfoMessage = Store.At.SomeStringOrFloat; //Need to use “Store.StringAt” or “Store.FloatAt” for variables? InfoMessage = Store.StringAt.Some_String_Variable; …

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Pinnacle Scripting – Pop-Up Windows

Pinnacle : Pop-up Windows Description There are four different types of pop-up windows utilized by Pinnacle. AskYesNoPrompt allows the user to enter answer a yes/no question. Info and Warning Messages are used to display information, and User-created Windows can be used to collect or display information. Examples AskYesNoPrompt Info/Warning Messages User Created Windows