Pinnacle : Script Library

Pinnacle Script Collection


1) Softlink preferences and parameters for a new user individual login (Pinnacle Script). [1]


1) Sample script demonstrating how to change a list of objectives type settings to “Max Dose” (Pinnacle Script).

2) Scripts to (1) loop through DVH structures and (2) export each structure’s DVH information.[2]

3) Deletes almost everything in a plan except for the first 10 structures for export to XVI (Pinnacle Script).

4) Export hand calc parameters – radiological depth, physical depth, dose to reference point, # of fractions, off-axis distance, source to point distance (Pinnacle Script).[3]

5) Determine shift and directions for currently selected isocenter[4].

6) Autocontour an external ROI on a specified dataset[4].

7) Remove the initial control points from a VMAT beam until a specified MU is reached. Useful if beam is interrupted during treatment[6].

8) Delete all IMRT/VMAT objectives [7]

9) Transfer a plan from an old CT to new CT. [8]

10) Convert Arc fields to separate static fields. (README file) [9]

11) Export a POI Table to file. [10]


1) Pull all PDDs and profiles from Pinnacle for a linac. [5]


1) Remove illegal characters from a string. [4].

2) Convert Pinnacle tar files to DICOM files (GitHub).

4. Benjamin Pollard, MS, DABR,