Pinnacle : HotScriptList


The Pinnacle HotScriptList allows users to run scripts directly through the planning software. It can be accessed in an open patient plan at Utilities -> Scripting. Buttons for specific scripts can be assigned to the HotScriptList or scripts can be access through the Browse… button. Scripts can also be recorded using the Edit… button, and script location and names can be changed using the Edit…-> Advanced… option.




Some users prefer to use submenus to better organize HotScriptList data. Instead of a very long list of scripts, this technique allows the user to group related scripts under a common heading.

1. Utilize HotScriptList capabilities

[Instructions][1] [Crash fix][2]

  • Link directly to HotScriptList submenus.
  • Utilized HotScriptList syntax for submenus.
  • Often leads to Pinnacle crashing, but [Crash fix] may provide a solution.

2. Create windows distinct from the HotScriptList

[Window Example/Instructions][3]

  • Create a pop-up window that is called from the HotScriptList.
  • This window is entirely separate from the HotScriptList and does not utilize the HotScriptList syntax capabilities.