Pinnacle Scripting – Control Points

Pinnacle : Control Points / Segments Description The Control Points pop-up is accessed through the Planning Window -> Beams -> Options -> Control Points… The pop-up contains a list of all beam control points and their properties. Save Saves a file containing information associated with Control Points TrialList.Current.BeamList.Current.CPManager.ControlPointList.Current.Save = “/home/p3rtp/segments.txt”; Example //Command to generate an […]

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Pinnacle Scripting – BeamList

Pinnacle : BeamList Description BeamList contains information about the different beams used a plan. Primary components.MonitorUnitInfoControl Points/Segments (CPManager) Contains Beam Name TrialList.Current.BeamList.Current.Name; Beam MU TrialList.Current.BeamList.Current.MonitorUnits; Beam Type (static, dynamic, step and shoot, etc) Available beam types: Static, Step & Shoot MLC, Dynamic Arc, Conformal Arc, Arc, Motorized Wedge TrialList.Current.BeamList.Current.PrevBeamType; //SetBeamType doesn’t seem to hold data?

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Pinnacle Scripting – DICOM Export

Pinnacle : DICOM Export Description 1) Open DICOM export window WindowList .DICOMExport .Create = “DICOM…”; 2) Send RT Plan PluginManager .DICOMExportPlugin .SendPlan = 1; a) Send SSD in all arc control points PluginManager .DICOMExportPlugin .SSDInArcs = 1; b) Select Prescription for export PluginManager .DICOMExportPlugin .PrescriptionList .#”#0″ .SelectedForDICOMExport = 1; c) Select Tolerance Table PluginManager .DICOMExportPlugin

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