Pinnacle Scripting – DICOM Export

Pinnacle : DICOM Export Description 1) Open DICOM export window WindowList .DICOMExport .Create = “DICOM…”; 2) Send RT Plan PluginManager .DICOMExportPlugin .SendPlan = 1; a) Send SSD in all arc control points PluginManager .DICOMExportPlugin .SSDInArcs = 1; b) Select Prescription for export PluginManager .DICOMExportPlugin .PrescriptionList .#”#0″ .SelectedForDICOMExport = 1; c) Select Tolerance Table PluginManager .DICOMExportPlugin

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Pinnacle Scripting – Database

Pinnacle : Database DETAILS The Pinnacle database runs on PostgreSQL. Login info * Username: postgres* Password: postgres* DB: clinical Examples Use another computer with PSQL installed to connect to Pinnacle’s database. Connection String /usr/postgres/8.3-community/bin/psql -d Clinical -U postgres -p postgres -h PinnacleServerHostName Useful PSQL commands o – /path/to/output/filed – List all tablesd tablename – Display

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Pinnacle Scripting – ROIList

Pinnacle : RoiList Contours Create a contour CreateNewROI = “Add Region Of Interest”; //This creates a blank contour with no slices Name contour RoiList.Current.Name = “SomeName”; Choose contour’s associated dataset //(RoiList.Current.VolumeName = Dataset Name) RoiList.Current.VolumeName = VolumeList.#”#1″.Name; //where the index # corresponds to the dataset index (0=primary, 1=secondary #1, etc) Contour display RoiList.Current.Display2dWithMeshCheck = “Both”;//Supports

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Pinnacle Scripting – LaunchPadInit

Pinnacle : LaunchpadInit Description The LaunchpadInit file resides in the user’s home directory and contains scripts and specifications that are to be run every time the Launchpad is started (i.e. when the Pinnacle software is initially opened – the Launchpad contains icons for Institutions, Physics, Patients, etc). Location /home/p3rtp/LaunchpadInit Additional Information Correct capitalization is mandatory

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